The General's Hot Sauce — 8 Flavors — 6 oz Bottles
Smoke Hall Foods

The General's Hot Sauce — 8 Flavors — 6 oz Bottles

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Smoke Hall Foods L3C is a veteran-owned, Louisiana-based parent company of The General's Hot Sauce.

Dead Red — Made from ripe red cayenne, a classic balance of authentic, aged cayenne flavor and heat; the ultimate all-purpose sauce. Medium.

Shock & Awe This sauce is no joke. Sweet, citrusy notes at first; then count to five, and the habanero heat boom hits you. Very hot.

Danger Close A top-secret blend of red cayenne and orange habanero peppers. Packs a strong cayenne flavor, but also brings a solid backdoor kicker of habanero heat. Hot.

Maple Mayhem — This all-natural, habanero-infused pure Vermont maple syrup is the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Maple-glazed salmon, chicken and waffles, grilled brussel sprouts, or caramelized pork chops; endless possibilities. Medium.

Grunt Green Made from stubborn aged green cayennes that refuse to turn red. Carries a unique, extra tangy flavor that requires slightly less vinegar. Mild.

HOOAH Jalapeño Carefully blended from precisely aged, American-grown jalapeño peppers. A versatile flavor that can be used anywhere. Mild.

A Salt Weapon   A coarse grain sea salt blended with ground sun-dried habanero peppers. Mild/Medium.

Bold Gold   Bold Gold is The General's NEW cayenne-infused extra virgin olive oil. Mild/Medium

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