The AEF in Print  — An Anthology of American Journalism in World War I
Edited by Chris Dubbbs and John-Daniel Kelley

The AEF in Print — An Anthology of American Journalism in World War I

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Edited by Chris Dubbs and John-Daniel Kelley
Hardcover, 342 pp
Copyright 2018 Chris Dubbs and John-Daniel Kelley

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The AEF in Print is an anthology that tells the story of U.S. involvement in World War I through newspaper and magazine articles — precisely how the American public experienced the Great War. From April 1917 to November 1918, Americans followed the war in their local newspapers and popular magazines. Urban newspapers often had their own correspondent in the war zone. Smaller papers subscribed to one of the news services, such as Associated Press or United Press, which fed a constant flow of breaking news. Magazines hired famous journalist and military experts to write feature stories. The mix of news stories in The AEF in Print offers a cross section of the American war experience.
The book’s chapters are organized chronologically: Mobilization, Arrival in Europe, Learning to Fight, American Firsts, Battles, and the Armistice. Also included are topical chapters, such as At Sea, In the Air, In the Trenches, Wounded Warriors, and Heroes. Selected articles include the work of well-known war correspondents, such as Floyd Gibbons (Chicago Tribune), Irvin Cobb (Saturday Evening Post), Herbert Corey (Associated Newspapers), Wythe Williams (New York Times), Lincoln Eyre (New York World), and Fred S. Ferguson (United Press), but also the work of others who happened to capture an important part of the unfolding story of America’s role in the war.  

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