Never Quit The Fight
By Ralph Peters

Never Quit The Fight

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Hardcover, 350 pp.
Copyright 2006 Ralph Peters

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Drawing on his global experiences from Africa to Iraq, the author attacks the crucial issues of our time head-on, with a clear eye and the blunt voice that has won him a devoted following: Was Iraq worth it? What's the truth behind the politics? How do Islamist terrorists themselves see this global struggle? Are our defense dollars buying a strong military — or the wrong military? Are we missing great opportunities elsewhere while hypnotized by the Middle East? When it comes to understanding terrorism, are Darwin and religion two halves of one answer? Must we accept that Islam itself is the problem? Will we face a war with China? What would such a war mean? Can Washington ever learn from its mistakes? These are just a few of the controversial issues the author takes on in a series of body blows to the status quo. Famed as the most original strategist of our time, Ralph Peters builds on the critical and commercial success of previous books, such as "Beyond Terror" (0-8117-0024-0) and "New Glory" (1-59523-011-4), to offer a stunningly fresh vision for our military, our country — and the world.

Already an influential voice in Washington, Ralph Peters continues to build a national and international audience hungry for his no-nonsense insights, his integrity, and a style that, no matter the complexity of the issue, remains vivid and clear — a joy to read.

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