Brooklyn to Baghadad — An NYPD Intelligence COP Fights Terror in Iraq
By Christopher Strom with Jerome Preisler and Michael Benson

Brooklyn to Baghadad — An NYPD Intelligence COP Fights Terror in Iraq

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Hardback, 270 pp
Copyright 2020 by Christopher R. Strom and Jerome Preisler

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Brooklyn to Baghdad is the true story of a retired NYPD intelligence sergeant applying his street-cop tactics and interrogation skills against a lethal insurgency that had infected Iraq. A group of retired Special Forces soldiers and law enforcement experts came together to form the counterinsurgency group codenamed "Phoenix Team." Exposing the corruption of both the Iraqi and US governments, the team faced serious setbacks and challenges. Brooklyn to Baghdad shows the effectiveness of Phoenix Team, their ability to process forensic evidence and human intelligence gleaned through interrogations at the point of capture to provide direct targeting for follow-on missions. This memoir also illustrates the politics of Washington, DC, and the US Army in the war-fighting effort, which continually hampered complete success while simultaneously preserving career aspirations. Throughout are many humorous and emotional anecdotes that reveal the men behind the missions and the toll the theater of war takes on real human lives

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